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Why I didn’t offer salt and sugar to my son up till one year?

There’re many of my friends, relatives, colleagues who repeatedly asking the reason behind this fact. When I entered motherhood was unknown about the term, then I did some research on it. I searched through the ocean of information, and also came across a beautiful mommy group where I used to ask all such queries and really get perfect answers from the experienced mothers.

But you all must be thinking that why I am sharing this here. As there are some of the mothers to whom I tried to share this important information but then their ego came in between their baby’s health and me. And congratulations they chose their ego over the baby’s health.

It was not just a suggestion in the air or passed through my ancestors. It is a fact with the proofs, but people do the same way what they are doing since years passed by their elders. They don’t even try to find out the logic behind the things which they are following for years.

Survey says that today’s generation is very particular about the things they are offering to their kids. Whether it’s about the food, clothes, rides, etc just they do the research first on the product and then think of the use. But sometimes what happens is people ignore you and your suggestion, the mentality behind this is that

“why am I suggesting, who I am to teach them?” they think that she is not a doctor, then why she is acting over-smart? Yes, I don’t have a degree but I have that experience of myself and of others.

so, starting with SALT, Why I didn’t introduce salt to my son up till one year?


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First of all, I would like to tell you that the logic behind this fact. And the explanation behind the fact starts “when your baby doesn’t accept the new food you try to offer.

So you start worrying about the baby’s intake of the food, and you start assuming that baby is not finding the food tasty. With our perceptions, we use to start making the food tasty for the baby. for that taste what we’ll do is we’ll add salt so that the baby finds the dish tasteful.

But NO, you are wrong. I would say a big ‘NO’, this is the point when many of us do a mistake. The actual logic behind not accepting the food is not the SALT but its feeding habits, which the baby is currently living with.

Just imagine you love to drink tea but someone starts offering you milk/ or solids, will you accept the milk and replace it with your lovely tea?  And so it doesn’t matter that the milk offered to you is sweetened or not. You would not accept it as you personally love tea.

So the point is, why adding salt to the baby’s food will make the meal tasty? Why adding a pinch of salt to the food which the baby has never tasted before in his journey of six months would become a tasty meal?

What SACN (Scientific Advisory Committee of Nutrition ) says about the requirements of the salt per day for a baby is less than 1g i.e.(0.4g of sodium) and this amount of sodium the baby gets from the breastmilk or formula milk according to per day.

So what happens when you give extra salt in the baby food, it starts working negatively on the baby’s body. This may be invisible on the baby’s tiny body, but that’s for the long term. It affects tiny kidneys as gives load on the kidney alone, this may lead to kidney problems. it also proved that hypertension which occurs in adults mostly is due to excess salt. Excess salt intake also comes with diseases like cardiovascular, respiratory, and osteoporosis.

The SACN recommends the following Salt Requirement for babies, toddlers, and children.



0-6 months*


7-12 months*


1-3 years

4-6 years


7-10 years


11-14 years


You can substitute salt with some spices. Soon I’ll share what and how spices to be added to the baby’s food for a little bit of flavor to the baby’s dish.

So now the question arises about sugar. so here is the below information to answer your doubts.


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one thing everyone should keep this in mind, ” SUGAR is a slow poison“.

The sugar that you buy from the market is the most refined one and processed with so many harmful chemicals. Not only the loose packets but the packaged ones also which we use to get from the supermarkets. The sweet biscuits, sugary drinks, chocolates, lollipops, toffees, jams, ice cream, etc. are just not the ready-made tempting food items but are actually killing your child slowly inside.

I really want you all to stop offering these sugary items as soon as possible. If you are preparing something sweet for your child then you can substitute those refined sugar crystals with

  • Mashed banana, Apple, Mango.
  • Homemade dates syrup
  • Organic Honey.
  • Organic Jaggery

But all these substitutes after 6 months and that too in some limited quantity to a small bowl of baby’s meal. Hope you all would follow my suggestions and so I am looking forward to healthy children, not obese ones.

I’ll share the facts on the substitutes as well as the recipe for the use of these substitutes, until then just try to change your baby’s eating habits.

With much LOVE,


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