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No Animal Milk For Infants

Say NO to animal milk for an infant till one year.

Hey, Today I have come up with a Story and the facts on a very hot topic…” ANIMAL MILK”. I am sharing some of the past stories also please read till the end. So we start with the story of My dear husband,

So, When my husband was an infant he was only on cow’s milk, and that too particularly the same cow’s milk.

My mom in law used to carry that specific cow’s milk wherever she goes. she used to share the stories of my dear husband’s tuff birth, how weak her first child was born and was unable to take the mother’s feed and survived only on animal milk. The cow whose milk he used to drink was well fed with proper cattle-feed and so with that trust, they use to feed him the same cow’s milk day and night.

You all must be thinking, Why I am sharing the positive things about animal milk whereas My title is depicting a different story?

So here is the answer to the confusion created by me. The very first thing I would say please don’t feed your infant any kind of animal milk. until six months only breastfeed and if there’s any problem facing breastfeeding then you can go for formula feed. if you can’t afford formula milk then switch to animal milk but only with your Pead’s guidance.

Why I am saying this is because things are changing day by day, nowadays the cowkeepers use to leave their cows in a particular area to roam and graze on the waste/garbage. They want milk from the cows but they don’t feed them with essential cattle feed as they want to earn more and invest less. They use to assault the animals to give them more and more milk so they could earn a good amount. In some cases, they use to add water or use some chemicals as well.

I use to know that there are people who use to do this kind of mixings, as my father used to own a dairy shop, he many times caught cowkeepers from whom he uses to buy the milk in bulk for selling. My father learned chemical testing to check the purity and fat of the milk. He does the purity check daily on the supplies, and then only he accepts that for selling.

Well….. coming to the topic,  Do you know the fact that cow milk is different from buffalo milk and all animal milk is different. And so Animal milk is totally different from human milk. These concepts are very important to understand, the levels and types of proteins, as well as the amount of calcium and iron, are totally different in human milk and animal milk.

Cow Milk vs Human Milk

Why human milk is the best source of nutrition during the first year of life

If we talk about cow milk vs human milk, they both have 88% of water, but the difference is in fats, proteins, and types of proteins.

The proteins are classified into two types that are caseins and whey, the ratio of these in human milk is 40:60 respectively and in cow’s milk, the ratio is 80:20 respectively. The amount of casein is more in cow’s milk which is used in some of the glues as a base.

So human milk is easy to digest for an infant, compared to cow milk. On this note, just imagine how an infant’s stomach uses to digest that heavy protein-rich milk, this animal milk intake also leads to obesity and type-1 diabetes in small children.

Proteins, Calcium, and Iron

In another language, I would say that when an infant is fed animal milk he grows like an animal, i.e. he has less intelligence and outer body appearance is actually fully mature. But this is exactly the opposite in the case of human milk, human milk has different levels of proteins and there is no need for casein protein for a human infant. Humans are different from animals and so their requirements.

Although human milk contains less calcium than cow’s milk, it is easily absorbed into the body compared to the calcium in cow’s milk.

If we talk about Iron, Cow’s milk contains very little iron which is another reason why cow’s milk is deemed to be unsuitable for infants under the age of 12 months. Like to understand this,

Iron in One feed of Human Milk = Iron in six feeds of Cow Milk

In this competitive world, Humans don’t need an animal-like body, they need intelligence to survive in this world. Coming back to the topic, that why my husband was fed with cow milk is because at that time Formula milk availability was not for a middle-class family. As it was way too expensive to afford and so due to no other options, they chose to feed their child with the animal milk

In humans, the brain develops rapidly during the first year of life. Whereas in animals exactly the opposite happens where the body develops rapidly not the brain and tripling in size by the age of one. The brain is largely composed of fat and early brain development and function in humans requires a sufficient supply.

If an infant is on animal feed then he’ll definitely gain weight and everyone around will obviously compliment you for feeding your baby so well. You will also feel glad that your baby is gaining weight, But actually, you are ignoring the truth that you are not helping your child in fact, you are pulling him/her back in the early development stage.

Here we only discussed cow milk, because generally, people offer cow milk to infants in replacement for human milk. Likewise, all animal milk is having different properties that are not actually made for humans.

So Please don’t switch to animal milk for at least up to one year. Just keep on breastfeeding your baby. Be happy and keep Your baby healthy and happy.

Thank You, Folks.

With Love

Sakshi <3


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  1. Mou mallick Dey says:

    Beautifully written! There was so much to learn from this. The way you have explained every aspect of this is going to a great help for a lot of mothers and I hope more people know about this. Looking forward to more such articles!
    Waiting for your next articles……

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