Hi folks,

I’m Sakshi….Or you can call me as dishaan’s mom.I’m purely sahm( stay at home mom) and i never thought that “I’ll stay at home like this, but it’s purposely i decided to be here seeing my toddler jumping and running around… I don’t want to leave him in this initial development stage and wish to hug and calm him whenever he seeks me.

Why I am here?? What’s the purpose of my blog site…??

So mommies out there, I’m here for you all. I want to let you all know that you all are not alone in these tuff days being a good mother all the time.

My Purpose

My purpose is to guide you all through these tuff days.. might be some of you must have more knowledge than me but it’s ok to share our wisdom with someone those who are in need..

I’ll share those experiences here which will become very useful for each and every new mom or mom-to-be…as well fathers also in some or other way.

I want all of you to be a part of this new life changing blogsite by sharing your experiences with us ..

With much love ❤️

Thank You mommies.