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Post-Partum Depression {PPD}

Postpartum depression is for real, it shakes you from inside and outside. It never happened with me loudly but know those who suffered this terribly.

It’s heartbreaking when we get to hear that a new mom harmed her child. What’s the first thing comes to your mind?

Some people start judging that “How cruel the mother is… How could she do this to her own child” but the thing is she needs some assistance. she needs help, she’s actually suffering from postpartum depression.


Postpartum depression starts right after the birth of your child. It stays for about two weeks and could become more worse in some cases. When I gave birth to my son I had those feelings for about two weeks. The feeling of being emotionless towards your child, sadness, heartbreaking, tiredness, not to feel good about yourself. I was struggling very hard to come out of all those things. I felt like crying all the time, you feel like suddenly everything changes, your priorities, your need, your demands changes into your child’s demand.

At that time, I had knowledge about PPD but when it happened to me I was totally disturbed. I got to know about the consequences that were shattering.

I started arguing with my husband whom I love eternally. Suddenly everything changed between us after one week of my son’s birth. I started shouting at him and didn’t let him touch our son. Not only him but I was literally shouting at everyone around me. I was unable to understand that they all were trying to make me and my son feel comfortable.

After my childbirth, I was at my mom’s place for about 3 months, I never use to fight with my mom but once I shouted at her also, she cried in front of me and made me realize that what I am actually doing with the loved ones around me. I said sorry and asked my mom for help to just come out of this PPD. She helped me in each and every way possible.

I took my mom’s help and I got that but I m worried about new moms who are unaware of this. I want to help through this blog.


I am actually showing some symptoms out of which some that happened to me.

  1. Unexplained headaches body pains.
  2. Eating problems like either you eat more or you eat less. But to feed your baby you have to fill you tummy.
  3. All the time feeling irritation and nervousness, anxiety, angry.
  4. Post-pregnancy mood swings.
  5. Feeling useless about yourself. Little things start distracting you.
  6. Sleepless nights: sometimes you try but you are not able to sleep.
  7. You start disliking the activities which you used to do before.
  8. Feeling of hopelessness.
  9. Sometimes feeling No attachment with the baby.
  10. Feeling that you are good for nothing.
  11. Tired and sleepy all the time.
  12. Insecurity towards your child.
  13. Seeking peace all the time. Love to sit with the baby alone.
  14. Repeating any task which is already done like cleaning of things again and again.
  15. Repeated thoughts of suicide, or thoughts of harming yourself and the baby.
  16. Being possessive towards the baby., that keeps you awake all the nights.
  17. Due to nightfalls, you use to wake up in the mid of the night. to check up the baby.


Why PPD happens?

Hormones play a major part in your body. When a woman gets pregnant her hormones to work actively. she starts to feel good about herself, everything appears to be glowing green to her, she starts looking beautiful and cheerful. But that stays only for nine months.

During pregnancy, levels of estrogen and progesterone are higher than usual. Within hours of giving birth, hormone levels drop back to their previous state. This is a serious level of change that disturbs everything in your body and so the POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION comes to you.

It’s a very serious matter, In India, Not many people are aware of postpartum depression, no one understands that this actually exists. It can be treated with proper assistance. The person who is suffering from this must not hide things, as hiding could make things worse day by day. I know those women who are struggling with this, some get into PPD because of their surroundings. When you don’t get support from your in-laws, your husband and everyone starts judging you for everything. This should not happen one should give a helping hand to the new mother. Husbands should take care of their wives after their delivery. They must check on them whether she is ok or not. I would like to shed some effects through a Malayalam video song, which shows what the PPD is and how one can overcome it.

Yes, This video is so touching. As you can see language is not a barrier we could easily understand the lesson they trying to teach each one of us. In most cases, women can overcome with the support of the husband and family.”

PPD treatments include counseling, antidepressants, home therapies, etc. But one should contact a good counselor and a doctor for this.

Mommies you are not alone, if you feel any symptoms like this just talk to someone. if you don’t have anyone to talk with just contact me. wemommies is there to help you.

Will discuss more on this, stay tuned mommies.

With much love,


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