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My List for the D-day essentials

List for the Delivery/D- day essentials

My loving sister encouraged me to do this, she shared with me this hack to escape from last moment hospital bag preparation anxiety.

My delivery bag was already packed two weeks before my D-day.

Seeing all the preparations my relatives were doubting and judging me.

My mom told me not to be so excited in such cases as there are some beliefs of eye lags. And she told me that sometimes such a thing affects your life and  “Someone’s evil eye may spoil your happiness”.

But I was very optimistic and confident with my instincts. I prepared a List of D-day essentials.

I started collecting everything when I was 36 weeks pregnant, as I couldn’t go out so I just shopped everything from the online shopping portals.

After all, It was my first pregnancy and I was so excited, all the time dreaming of my child’s first cry and that special moment when I’ll hold my child in my arms.

I am sharing my list with everyone here for those who are in need as I want that every mom must be prepared with all these required essentials, maybe it helps you also.

My list for D-day-

I sorted everything for the mommy and the baby, made a checklist so that nothing should be left.

                                                                             Essentials for Mommy


T-shirt and pyjama

Oh my God, those gowns I used to hate, I never use to wear gown not Even in my whole pregnancy It looks so old fashioned.

you know what I kept in my bag was the most comfortable dress and my personal Favourite is a T-Shirt and Pyjama Set. That also very easy to feed the baby after Delivery.


Toiletries are so so important, I must tell you why, because I hate the hospital stuff, they smell terrible like hand wash, hand soap, and most importantly a tissue roll, etc.

In a pouch keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, kajal(kohl)/mascara, lip balm. etc now the last two items work at the time of picture clicking after your labor with the baby.


After delivery, you must get your comforters, as they help you to relax your body and mind. I used to take my pillow which I use at home.

Looking at those reusable bedsheets provided by the hospital was yukkkk… !!! but I was relaxed that I was having mine.

and yes the same feeling was with the blanket also. so keep these three things for your safety.


A hot water bottle is used to reduce your pain and gives warmth to the specific part of your body. I used to keep that under my leg.


Uffff….!! These sanitary pads were not the store-bought but were handmade by my dear sister.

what she actually did was that she wrapped a cotton pad in old but washed muslin clothes and I used to tie it with nada on my waist like all the old fashioned skills were executed which were used by our mothers and on that for more protection, I use to wear my undies.

why I used handmade pads because at that time our body becomes very prone to infections.


I use to ensure that every time whenever I get off my bed I wear my slippers, I don’t want those hospitals floor dust and bacteria on my bed.

Ewwwww..!!!! Can’t even imagine.


Don’t we woman needs this all the time so I think there’s nothing to explain to you, my messy mommies.


this was on my list, but if you don’t want to keep you can avoid. I just used it once but sometimes, the hospital staff don’t allow you for such kinds of stuff.


OH, I still remember my sister was so protective towards me, the second day after the D-day, I was shifted to another room so what my sister did is took lots of cotton roll and Dettol and wiped everything around me like walls, beds, etc.

All hospital staff was staring at her that is “she gone mad ???”

but she didn’t bother about anyone, as she knew that what are the things which will make me comfortable in the new room.

And Sanitizer is important for each of them who come to meet you and your baby. As you all know, Nowadays everyone is valuing this product.

Essentials for Baby


As you can see, Here is the picture of my baby boy, As the hospital used to ready the baby with whatever stuff they have, here my boy wore a pink baby suit. So when my sister and everyone around shared the picture on social media platforms, the first question everyone asked was.

“Baby born is a GIRL”???

and all answered “BABY BOY “,

Listening to this incident, The first question comes into my mind was “why are they asking such questions” then my mom told me that they are saying this because of the pink-colored baby suit, this was the most irritating moment of the day for me or maybe my tantrums started post parturm.

my mom asked the hospital staff for a blue colored suit but they said only “pink is available”. I was ok with the color but it was annoying how people use to do gender predictions by the color of the dress.

so please try to keep an extra washed and ironed clothes for a baby like onesies, socks, etc


The baby blanket should be washed and ironed whereas I used to keep a sand pillow under my baby’s head.

Do you all know why sand pillows were used in old times?

The sand pillow must be filled with the sand or mustard seeds which use to give shape to the baby’s head from the back.

There also comes pillows for baby’s readymade in the market, one can use that also.


Bedding for baby in a hospital is very essential. As in India, we don’t get baby bedding from the Hospital, and nowadays baby bed comes with the mosquito net attach which protects the baby from insect bites.


My baby Wipes packet was so useful at that time as whenever I wanted to wipe my baby’s face, baby’s hands, baby’s bums, etc.

I used to keep these wipes handy.


Baby diapers were gifts to me in those sleepless nights as there comes different sizes also in baby diapers.

Keep the newborn size in your bag. One must order in bulk so that you don’t face any kind of shortage at midnight.


Baby oil is used to massage on baby’s body, also I used to keep a talcum powder and puff for my baby’s afterbath.

as well as a baby moisturizer for the baby’s delicate skin.


One most important thing I forget to add was DRY SHEETS.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s handmade or readymade but the thing is that its important for the mother and the baby when the baby use to pee in those nappies and you don’t want your bed to get wet and smell.

I am sharing the picture of the baby dry sheet for reference, it will give all a rough idea.

So here, my long list of D-day essentials came to an end.

I hope now my new mommies will be prepared for these kinds of stuff at least.

If I’m missing something please let me know in the comment section below.

Stay tuned

with much Love ❤️,

Thank You.

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  1. Shreena Biyani says:

    One more thing I needed was food to gooble just after 24 to 30 hours of delivery.

  2. sure, i’ll add that too in the food section in a separate post.
    Thankyou for your feedback.

  3. That is a great tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

    1. Thanku so much 😊

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