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Pregnancy notes Pregnancy notes

Father-to-be|| Mother-to-be

“The first time when a woman gets pregnant, it really becomes an overwhelming moment not only for the Mother-to-be but also for the Father-to-be. Sometimes conceiving a baby becomes very tuff for some people.”

There are some scary preconceiving nightmares that come to each one of us once in a lifetime. This is really sad to hear that many people are struggling with conception.

And this fear made me face such nightmares. But by God’s grace, I conceived normally. Yes, it’s really scary to just imagine the pain of those who are still struggling.”

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Due to these nightmares, I decided that I don’t want to wait for a year or so to conceive a baby. we got married in the last week of April 2015, after marriage I told my husband about my plans. He was ok with that, as we both had a difference of three years, adding to this he was well settled and ready to afford a baby. 

On the other side, everyone around was pinching us every other day as it is in our Indian culture, that soon after the marriage the next thing everyone expects is your pregnancy news. 

Honeymoon Period- 

Just after a few months, we went for a honeymoon to Mount Abu in July 2015 for just 3-4 days.

A month later my mom-in-law started asking me,” what happened? Is everything ok? 

So we assured that “Yes, mummy everything is absolutely fine”.

During these days, we were planning already but everyone was unknown.

Then one day my mom called and asked the same thing  that “is it ok?”

I replied “Yes mamma, everything is fine”

Time passed but in November, we met a gynecologist for a normal routine checkup.

My first Gynecologist-

The doctor said everything is fine, not to worry at all. He appreciated both of us that being a newly married couple we are planning at the right age and time. He also told me that nowadays it’s going to be very difficult for today’s generation to conceive naturally due to many factors, and one of the reasons is the right age.

i was shocked when he told me that your age also matters for the Development of your child’s brain, mostly the abnormalities in a child comes due to parents conceiving after the age of 35.

Excuse me !!! It’s not to offend anyone but its a suggestion by a gynecologist who is having experience of around 30+ years. 

So after listening to this story, we came back home, everyone’s eyes were on us,

Asking Questions and reading facial expressions. The next moment, my M-I-L asked-

“What happened..??, how much time it will take..???, what the doctor said..??, and like indefinite numbers of questions.

We told her that everything is normal. In fact, the doctor said, ” sometimes it takes time”.

The climax of the story

With the new hope, I started preparing for a government job entrance exams, and was in no mood of a baby as by now my planning was changed I Myself decided, that I have to do something in my career first. 

But we never know what God’s plan is for you in the stack.

In between, we planned our second honeymoon with my newly married brother-in-law and co-sister and we all were very excited about the trip.

My Biggest Surprise

Suddenly in February, I missed my periods and checked on the pregnancy kit in the early morning at around 6:30.

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My hands were shaking and my eyes were closed, I was collecting courage to just look at that strip. With intense courage, I opened my eyes slowly and looked carefully on the strip. There were two lines, one was dark and the other one was light and faded came after a while. I was happy, and excited and was looking at myself in the mirror, smiled, and pinched myself by assuring that m I daydreaming?…

Pregnancy announcement to My husband

My husband was in deep sleep, I ran towards him, wake him up, and showed him those lines, he was overjoyed, excited, overwhelmed, and happy to the core of his heart.

I looked into his teary eyes, he was so innocently looking at me, I felt different that day, I was the world’s most beautiful woman on the earth in his eyes.

It was a beautiful moment and then suddenly we were worried about the trip we planned as everything was booked hotel bookings, flight bookings, shopping, etc.

We went to the doctor asking him about the plans and pregnancy. By consoling us that you don’t need to cancel the trip just go ahead but just be more careful on the trip. We went on the trip, with me vomiting all along the way, and in fear that nothing should go wrong. I just prayed to God all the way that everything goes right. 

After a week, we came back and by God’s grace, everything was perfectly fine.

After reaching home I was so relaxed and calm.


It’s not easy to be a “MOTHER”.

Let us discuss this in the comment section, share your real-life moments it would be fun to connect with you all out there.

Stay tuned,

Thank you


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  1. Urvi modi says:

    Really very useful article for the mothers to be….specially

    1. Thank you mommy <3

  2. Urvi modi says:

    Really very useful article for the mothers to be

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    It was beautiful start ❤️❤️

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    Interesting. Good info for new moms. Keep it up!

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      Thankyou mommy

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    Thankyou mommy.God bless you…

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