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Benefits of Breastfeeding

What’s Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a gift to a mom and the baby as it ensures better health and growth of the child.


The mother breastfeeding baby son in the bedroom,  they enjoy at this moment together

Happy Baby means Happy Mommy

Why I relate to this term because when a baby gets sick and fussy, and sometimes faces some growth issues then it becomes very tuff for a mother to understand the situation in both the ways physically as well as mentally.

When I entered my motherhood phase, that’s when I got pregnant and started surfing various platforms to know, what’s actually Breastfeeding is, how it works for both mom and the baby. After surfing almost most of the high rated sites I decided to breastfeed my baby anyhow and in any condition.

Through various platforms, I collected so many useful information and applied it to myself and which I’m sharing here,


  • It has been two decades that only 2 out of 3 infants are breastfed exclusively for about 6 months only, which is to be improved.
  • breastmilk is the perfect ideal food for infants.
  • It contains antibodies that help in cure for so many childhood diseases.
  • Provides all the nutrients and minerals which are essential in the initial years of the baby’s needs.
  • It helps in improving the baby’s mental health as well.

When to start to Breastfeed

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As it’s my experience that one should start to breastfeed right after giving birth. That’s actually called “Magical hour” why because that’s the only hour when a mother produces her first milk i.e. COLOSTRUM. 

COLOSTRUM releases when a mom and baby get the skin-to-skin touch. At that time a mom releases a hormone i.e. Oxytocin.

Oxytocin helps in reducing your pregnancy weight and uterine bleeding after birth. Through this hormone, your uterus will start shrinking to normal size. But for this process, one needs to breastfeed the baby right after his/her baby’s birth.

BREASTFEEDING also reduces the chance of getting breast and ovarian cancer. It prevents the baby from “sudden death syndrome” where the infant dies while asleep.

I used to breastfeed my son, and find that it’s the only time, a mom can relax at a place surfing through the mobile phone and along with the bowl of snacks in a silent bedroom. I really enjoyed my breastfeeding journey. There was no fuss of washing bottles and nipples, sterilizing them all the time, preparing milk whether its formula or animal. I used to just breastfeed my baby lying on the bed with a sweet nap.

Enough of BreastMilk Production


Never think that your breastmilk is not enough for your baby, your breast produces milk according to your baby’s need. The more you feed the baby the more milk supply increases.

Due to this supply reason, there are some people who start giving animal milk or any other formula milk which to be avoidable. Until and unless there’s something serious problem never switch from the breastmilk, try to consult a lactation expert if you are not in a position to feed your baby.

so in easy language, supply is directly proportional to the demand of your baby.

How to Breastfeed: Positions

It’s a very important thing to understand how you are feeding your baby because sometimes poor feeding will land up you in long-term problems. There are some specific breastfeeding positions that would decide some of the key factors. so here I’m sharing some basic breastfeeding positions which will definitely help you and your baby in this beautiful journey.

OK! so some of you must be thinking that why I am sharing this here because I don’t want any other mom to face the same problem which I faced during the initial days of my breastfeeding journey. I was in terrible pain when I was unaware of the correct positions and latch.

I used a Nipple Sheild thinking that it will give relief from the baby’s suck but it was a relief of a week only. Every time I feed my baby I have to sterilize the shield and after using it was a question where to place it. I would suggest rather using such external stuff try to learn better breastfeeding positions.



Cradle is the position where you need a pillow as well as something to support your back while feeding. If you are sitting on a bed then you need a pillow for your back.

In this position, the baby should be close to you. By facing his head and body towards you in such a way that his tummy and your chest should be at the same level. Baby should turn his head away. His face and your nipple also should be at the same level. You have to keep the same forearm under the baby’s head as the breast you are feeding with. This will ensure that the baby is latching deeply which is so effective for the mom and the baby as well.

Place the pillow on your lap, take the baby on the pillow, and keep your forearm under the baby’s head. On the other hand, hold your nipple and feed calmly.

{Remember the whole of your breast’s areola should be in the baby’s mouth, not just nipples otherwise it will harm your nipples due to poor latch.}


This position is the same as Cradle but here it’s not used so commonly. It’s used when the baby is premature or very tiny in size.

The mother has to hold the baby with the other forearm to support the whole body of the baby while feeding.


This position is in very much limelight as some people experienced ear infection while feeding in the side lying position. But this is not at all true as you can see in the picture that the baby’s head is a little bit in the up position. Here the mother is not in a complete lying position. but when a mother feeds in a complete lying position then she has to keep an arm under the baby’s head to keep it a little bit upward position.

one more important thing I want to share here is that breastmilk never ever can infect the baby in any way, it’s not said by me, its in the history that mother’s milk could be so effective for the baby.


A football position is another comfortable feeding position. Place a pillow under the baby, with the same hand’s palm and arm give support to the baby’s neck.

Hold the baby in such a way that no air could pass through between you and the baby.


There are some more breastfeeding positions also, but I discussed here the common and comfortable positions only.

Personally worked best for me so wishing all the mommies and would-be mothers good luck. Please do share this with moms you know around you and leave a comment in the below section.

With much love,


stay tuned,


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  1. Shreena Biyani says:

    Can we feed in lying position???

    1. Sakshi says:

      Yes, its absolutely fine, in feeding in lying position

  2. Urvi modi says:

    Really very useful information that every new mother should be aware of.Even i faced all of these problems of bf when my baby was born but her support and knowledge helped me alot…well done sakshi

    1. Sakshi says:

      It’s my pleasure 😊
      Thanks for your feedback,❤️

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