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Baby’s Latch on the Breast

Good latch equals a healthy baby

What is the LATCH? 

The latch is the process where an infant feed on the mother’s breast.

A good latch while breastfeeding helps the baby intake milk from the mother’s breast on-demand. It enhances the milk supply as well as keep the mother comfortable while breastfeeding.

A poor latch leads to low milk supply and which affects the baby’s weight. Not only the baby but it also affects the mother too, feeding becomes painful for the mother due to sore nipples.

In some cases, Somehow latching is the main reason for short breastfeeding journeys. Where the mom feels uncomfortable due to the poor latch and produces less milk. If the baby sucks and feeds calmly on the breast then the mother produces more and more milk. But if both are in pain then it automatically reduces after some time.

Why I am telling this again and again because I have seen a mother who was struggling with this latching problem. In fact, there are two examples I would love to share here. I can’t name here anyone directly so let’s say MOM1 and MOM2.

Story of MOM1:

After a lot of struggles, she gave birth to a baby girl. The good thing here was that everyone including doctors in the hospital encouraged the mom to breastfeed the baby as much as she could. With the stitches on tummy, she was trying very hard to feed the baby somehow. But the size of the nipples was too small & flat. Flat nipples are difficult to suck for the baby to hold it with the gums.

Then she took the help of the pediatrician of the baby girl. He came to rescue and taught how to feed the baby. The doctor instructed the breastfeeding positions and latching. But all went in vain then she started hand pressing the milk in a small sterilized bowl. With the sterilized spoon she started feeding the baby easily, the baby was also easily gulping the milk.

Suddenly, once the pediatrician came into the room and started shouting at the mother for not feeding directly on the breast. Every time they start, the baby gets tired while sucking and sleeps in the middle. They used to wake up the baby by tingling on her foot. On this, the doctor said, ” I’ll not let you leave the hospital, until and unless the baby takes the feed properly”.

Finally, on the fifth day, the baby started taking feed properly. Both the mom and the baby was discharged from the hospital happily.

Here, the doctor was there to help the mother. Otherwise, she would have quit & left the beautiful part of motherhood in the hospital itself.

Story of MOM2:

Herewith Mom2, the case was totally different after delivery. She came home after two days from the hospital and started feeding also. Everyone around guided her and encouraged her, the supply was perfect initially. but gradually the supply reduced as the baby’s latch affected the mother’s comfort and the breastfeeding every hour increased the pain more and more.

she got fed up and started the formula milk partially, she tried to latch out the milk with the manual breast pump but nothing worked. finally, she contacted a breastfeeding support group on Facebook where she got the contact number of a lactation consultant. The consultant charged her 600 rs./30 mins that was way too much but that time it was worth as it helped her in understanding the latching tips and tricks. Finally, as result, the baby started feeding continuously with ease.

So, Guys, I am here to help you all without charging a single penny. Sharing some interesting tips and tricks on lactation and latching.


baby, breast, breastfeeding
see how the baby is latching, the whole areola is in the baby’s mouth
  1. The good latch is totally proportional to your comfortability. If a mother is in pain then it’s not a good sign of proper latch.
  2. When a baby latching is proper then you feel that half of your beast is in your baby’s mouth.
  3. you can check the good latching just by the latching sound the baby used to do while feeding. But In some cases, it doesn’t work.
  4. Keep in mind that when you start feeding, your areola (the black/brown part around the nipples) must be entirely in the baby’s mouth. Not only just nipples but areola along with the nipples should be used for feeding.
  5. The body of both baby and mother should be close to each other.
  6. the baby’s tongue will help in sucking from the nipples by shaping itself into cup-shaped. (that’s why in case of tongue-tie baby is unable to take the feed normally from the breast)
  7. When the baby takes the nipples, will make fish-like lips. The lips of the baby appear a little outwards that means it’s normal.
  8. The baby’s chin must touch your breast.

These are the little but actually important tips, which the experts charge a lot of credits. In some cases, this may help you in any initial setbacks regarding latching. If your nipples are inverted and flat then it might be difficult for you to feed with ease, in that case, one must go for practical learning by consulting a lactation expert.

Would come up with the more interesting topics till then,

stay tuned,

signing off

your wellwisher SAKSHI

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